10 Myths about Russia

10 Myths about Russia You Must Know Before Going There

Several myths have surrounded Russia, from trivial absurd details to unwarranted stereotypes.
People’s judgment may be clouded by groundless hearsay, or it may spur more interest to
travel all the more to Russia to see how true the myths are.
Let’s go into detail the 10 Myths that every tourist must know before going to Russia.

  1. Russians are Unhappy

    It’s a normal tendency for people to judge one’s character based on looks. When they get to cross with someone who’s wearing a smile, they conclude one is friendly. Whereas, others assume one is stern when they get to stare with someone who’s expressionless. Russians are victims of this facial misconception. Such judgment has reached the globe and has become a trending myth, naming names Russians as unfriendly, gloomy people. Why do we rarely see Russians smile? They do smile BUT for a reason. A happy graduation ambiance, for instance, makes a Russian smile. They believe that smiling for no reason is an act of foolishness. Before jumping off with the wrong conclusion, the least we can do is to trace the roots of one’s custom, believing in this myth might end us up as foolish instead.

  2. The Alcoholic Russians

    The term “Russians are Alcoholic” sounds generally pertaining to the entire population of Russia. The country has roughly 146.7 million nationals as of 2019, and of which, about less than 2 percent of its population are considered alcoholic. A million looks fairly big, but not comparable to its whole population. Thus, it may sound excessive. Moreover, the expression “alcoholic” can be attached to varied factors, including the frequency of drinking, the amount of alcohol taken, the type of alcohol consumed. The Russian government, however, is disturbed about the effects of alcohol on Russians’ health. It has made efforts to curb alcoholconsumption. According to Statistics, Moldova, Belarus, and Lithuania hold the top 3 positions for the highest alcohol consumption in the world, placing Russia to even lower spot.

  3. Dangerous Russia

    The Cold War and Communism ideology have left a lasting effect in Russia until today leaving an imprint that Russia is not a safe country. Circulating news that pickpockets are stationed at the streets causes tourists to wary about one’s trip to Russia’s territory. It is customary for travelers to worry about safety when traveling in a foreign land. They failed, though, to recognize the efforts of government placing local police at the roads, manning the stations, everywhere to make them feel secure. The Russian government wants to reestablish a new image of Russia, a country that’s safe for every tourist. On the other hand, a traveler has also a part to play when traveling. Be mindful. Never leave things unattended. Do not attract negative vibes.

  4. The Chauvinist Russians

    The serious, expressionless facial feature and quiet mood of Russians led people to construe that they are racist. This might be one of the most offensive misconceptions any Russians can handle. They are prejudged as snobbish or worse racist as their character is timid especially when communicating with foreign people in English. People are unaware that meeting foreigners excite Russians. It doesn’t show though outwardly, however, it keeps them interested and curious.

  5. The Pricey Russia

    Europe gives people the impression that traveling is costly. Russia as being part of the vast European continent isn’t partially excluded from this conception. Many travelers would save up a substantial amount of cash to realize the dream of traveling to the Russian Federation. A few may be left disheartened thinking it’s an improbable dream. Travelers had no clue that Russia is one best getaway as the basics in Russia are affordable. A set of a meal with three courses is 13$, plus a pair of beer at the price of 3$, needless to worry about the metro as it costs less than a dollar. Looking at these figures, who can conclude that Russia is pricey?

  6. Russians are Undercover

    Espionage movies seem very appealing to the viewers that it left an effect on people’s minds. Interestingly, they incorporate the movie into reality. Russian people are victims of this spy misconception. Tourists are left wondering whether there is a truth about it. It may sound petty thing, but for the Russians, it may sound off on their part. Tourists must practice good judgment, never to easily befall unto those baseless myths.

  7. Russian Foods aren’t delicious

    An exciting experience one awaits in the travel is the discovery of local tasty cuisines. However, when hearing a myth that Russian foods are not delicious will leave tourists discouraged and may cross out Russia from one’s bucket list. This is not good news for Russia’s tourism especially that there is no truth about this. Apart from Vodka that people know of, there are so varied foods for first-timers to try. Pirogi for one, is a minced meat with potatoes and eggs inside its dough. Imagine the sufficed meat stuffed in its dumpling is of perfect blend. If you go for veggies, Russia has one to offer. The Golubtsy, mushroom version with rice and tomato sauce on top to garnish is surely a reason for you to go back to Russia again.

  8. Russia’s beauty is not lasting

    The Russian Federation is known for its Russian architectural magnificence. From Saint Basil’s Cathedral to Saint Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod to Golden Gate in Vladimir, travelers can observe how each piece is distinctly built from each other. How one can say that Russia is boring.

  9. Russians Dislike Americans

    This prejudgment dated back during the Soviet era when the regime had a powerful mechanism of bringing down and destroying the image of the capitalist system. Some people likened the scene in the past as to hatred of Russian toward American now. If we look at the real picture nowadays, Russian people are interested in listening to an American radio program as they do drink one’s coffee. If indeed Russians dislike Americans, no way would they enjoy what Americans do? Russians disliking Americans is completely a myth. Such misconception shouldn’t curtail American’s interest in traveling the Russian Federation.

  10. The Impractical Travel to Russia

    A tourist is likely excited when one hears the word “travel”. The scene of greenery landscapes, a taste of exotic cuisines, a welcome smile from the natives, unanticipated adventures, and exciting local rides are the images that circulate inside a traveler’s head. But how does one feel when people suggest that traveling is impossible and difficult? That feeling is dejection. This is the impact of the wrong conception about traveling to the Russian Federation. It brings despair to tourists whose dream is to travel to beautiful Russia. The misconception that it is difficult to travel Russia has rooted in the lack of experience. The impression that acquiring an Invitation letter is close to impossibility reverberates to dozens, to hundreds, to thousands of people eventually turning this into a myth leaving many tourists hopeless. Russia has become a welcoming country for travelers. There are several hotel accommodations, travel agencies and visa services that are accommodating in providing an Invitation letter to tourists as easy as ABC for only a few bucks of money. There is no reason for tourists to scratch out Russia from their dream travel destination.

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