When Traveling to Russia

5 Things to Remember When Traveling to Russia

Tourists around the globe have their varied conception about traveling the Russian Federation. For artistic beholder, cruising the canals and rivers of Russia is striking artistry. Citizens from the tropics consider frolicking the snowy and frozen lakes as an adventure, plus it’s a delight to experience a shorter day and a longer night. However, a part of US citizens traveling to Russia has prejudgment. They picture an awful Cold-War scenario and the negative perception of Communist ideology, little did they realize Russia is a quintessential of history and a world-class beauty, there is much more and beyond to discover about the Russian Federation.

Three decades had passed since the Cold War had happened; several Americans are now rethinking their pre-conception about Russia and reconsider the idea of traveling to its territory. US citizens are cognizant that the Russian Federation is more than just its history. There are more cultures to appreciate and several surprising things to discover. The idea of traveling to Russia surely is exciting, yet, before jumping in feet first, learn the 5 things you didn’t know about traveling to Russia.

5 Things to Remember When Traveling to Russia

  1. Tourists in Russia, especially first-timers, do not know the country at the back of their hands more than the Russian nationals do. Asking the locals for a direction is a good way to establish rapport. However, most Russians if not for everybody are timid in speaking English. Yes, they have learned the English language in school, but speaking the language to a stranger is a different case. The first thing to know when traveling to Russia is to equip oneself with some aid, a guidebook, a translator app, maps, or phrasebooks. This is about surviving oneself if communicating with the locals won’t be an option.

  2. Be cash ready. Before arriving at the Russian Federation, it’s a smart idea to have your cash exchanged. Russia has a culture of tip-system. When dining in a restaurant, or drinking at a bar, or even riding a taxi, it’s customary to give a tip as much as 50 rubles or 10% of the service charge, or depending on you. Either way, you can’t give tip via credit or debit card. Therefore, get ready with your cash on hand always. Exchanged your money in your home-country, sweep the different banks and money exchange centers to find the best value for your bucks.

  3. With the beauty that beholds Russia, tourists would want to explore all the beautiful little details surrounding the country, one city after another. Taking the metro, trains and other local transportations are the best ways to scrutinize the attractive ornate churches and archaic ambiance of the cities. No wonder, public local transportations are user-friendly to commuters as English translated maps are available. This is provided for more convenient access to transportation. Asking the locals for instructions and how-to is likely expendable. Therefore, tourists have to familiarize how the transportation system works.

  4. Russia, the vastest country in the world, is divided by various continental zones and characterized by different weather conditions. There are specific areas where the weather in Winter season is wet aside from being cold. The general misconception of tourists about Winter in Russia is only extremely harsh cold. Thus, foreign travelers are typically prepping furry thick jackets and coats aiming to keep themselves warm but failed to prep water-proof down jackets and raincoats for wet weather. Another tip to add on your list when traveling in Russia is, research and keep yourself updated about the weather. Don’t be too obvious that you’re not a local. Dress appropriately. One has to know the weather conditions foremost when touring the cities of Russia. Stuff the luggage with necessary warmers, layers and weatherproof garb that you can wear and experiment when the weather suddenly changes.

  5. The common objectives for tourists when traveling are to experience the Russian culture, witnessed the magnificent beautiful churches, appreciate arts and museums, dine and wine, explore the local food cuisine and resto. Before hitting the restaurant, learn in advance the different Russian menu. Being familiar with the names to the description of food will help save your face. It means you know what you are about to eat. When taking a tour to museums, churches, and theaters, consider their culture, dress properly. There may be countries which allow you to get inside a theater on shirts and jeans, but it is a different scenario when you’re in their territory. It’s a notion to learn the custom and practice when you travel. When you’re in Russia, act like one.

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