Standard Package Instruction WITHOUT Passport Photo Service

Step 1: Video Instructions

Watch these videos in order before proceeding to Step 2.

It is important that you watch the above videos as they state detailed instructions on how to go about your official application form and what you need to mail out to us.

Step 2: Complete your application form

  • Now that you’re done watching the two videos, you can now fill out your official visa application form here.
  • Now that you’re done filling out your application form, it’s time to…
  • Review the Visa Applications Guidelines and Checklist documents we attached to your Next Steps email if you are unsure of your answer and also before you mail out your documents to us.

You can also email us your completed official application form so we can review it and let you know of any mistakes you need to correct.

Step 3: Obtain your passport photo

Secure your passport photo, if you haven’t yet.


  • If you already have your passport photo on-hand, make sure it is a recent picture (taken within the last 6 months – otherwise this can be a reason to get your application declined).
  • Size should be 2×2.
  • When opting to mail your passport photo with your documents, use photo paper when printing your photo. Lightly glue it on your application form.

If you don’t have a passport photo yet, you can take a new one with a smartphone – download the Passport Photo Booth app and email your photo to [email protected].

You must follow these criteria when taking your photo

  • Use a flat, white or off-white background (must be one shade only)
  • Stand 2 feet from the wall to avoid casting shadows
  • If possible, ask someone to snap your picture.
  • The bottom of the picture starts at your shoulders/clavicle
  • Leave space above your head
  • Use even light on your face so there are no shadows.
  • Look straight ahead with a neutral facial expression.


We will provide feedback via email and will ask you to retake your photo should we see your submitted photo has not met the requirements stated above.

Step 4: Russian Consulate Fee

  • Pay your Russian Consulate Fee here.
  • We will need your Russian Consulate Fee settled before we are able to submit your application at the consulate as they will be requiring the said fee upfront. 

Please disregard this if you’ve already made a payment for your consulate fee.

Last Step: Mailing out your documents

Please see the Standard Package Checklist we emailed you for detailed instructions on how to mail out your documents to us.

Don’t hesitate to send us any questions at all during the process. Contact Us!

Stuck with something? Send us a message.


What is a visa invitation?

An official invitation comes from a Russian organization authorized to invite guests to Russia. The type of visa you are applying for comes with the appropriate invitation. Only a Russian tourist company can issue tourist invitations, also known as tourist vouchers.

Who needs a visa invitation?

Not all people need visas to visit Russia. Many countries in South America have visa-free agreements with Russia. This allows a guest to come for usually up to 90 days. Citizens of countries in North America and Europe need to obtain a visa to enter Russia.

What are the fees to getting a visa?

In order to apply for a visa, you’ll need to pay the Russian consulate fees and processing fees in addition to what the invitation and visa service charge. These fees differ based on country, its visa agreement with Russia, processing time, number of entries desired, type of visa and third party service fees.

For example, for a 30-day, single-entry tourist visa, a US citizen pays $123 for the consulate and processing fees plus our fees of $15 for the invitation and $99 for submission. That’s $237.

What documents are required to obtain a visa to Russia?

The answer depends on the citizenship of the applicant and where he or she is applying. However, in general an applicant will need:

1. A visa invitation.
2. Visa application filled out and signed.
3. Passport Photo
4. Payment to an official visa processing center
5. Original passport valid for at least 6 months after the expiration date of the visa
6. Proof of insurance (not needed for US citizens applying for tourist visas)

How long does it take to get a visa to Russia?

It depends on many factors, but generally 3-10 business days. For a tourist visa in the USA, it takes about 10 business days to process. We recommend applying at least one month before your trip.

For EU citizens, the process is about 3-5 business days for a tourist visa.

Can I expedite my visa?

In some cases you may expedite your visa. There are additional costs associated with quicker processing.

You cannot, however, expedite 3 year visas unless it’s an emergency. In such a case, you’ll need to write a letter to the Consular explaining the reason to expedite the process.

Can I apply for a visa myself?

Yes. As long as you have an invitation from a Russian organization, you are welcome to go through the process yourself. If you live near a visa processing center, this will save you some money. However, we don’t recommend this route unless making a trip to the visa center is convenient for you.

Many first-time applicants make minor mistakes which can mean running back and forth for documents or making corrections. Just pay for the service and save your time and the headache. You’ll thank us later. We promise.

What type of visa should I apply for?

If you are planning a one-time trip for less than 30 days, a single or double entry tourist visa will suffice.

If you are a US passport holder and plan on visiting Russia multiple times, apply for a 3 year tourist visa.

As a general rule of thumb, apply for the type of visa that will fit when the Russian border guard asks, “What is the purpose of your visit?” You can hold a business meeting on a tourist visa and you can see some sights while on a business visa. However, the MAIN purpose of your visit should comply with your visa type.

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