Strelka Tours is a boutique inbound tour operator offering cultural themed tour packages in Russia and Eastern Europe for FIT and small groups. We pride ourselves on creating unique experiences that go beyond the traditional itinerary.
Let us take you on a DNA and genealogy inspired tour or invite you to a regal reception at a Romanov palace.
Immerse yourself in local history, music, art and cuisine though taking part in every event designed exclusively for you.
Enjoy the custom touch we provide to your experience along the way. With over 15 years of experience on the market, our team knows how to make every package personal and memorable.

We aim to make every moment a rewarding experience, and carefully select each detail – from excursions, sights, and tour guides, to restaurants and modes of transportation. We have cultivated excellent relationships with our partners to help provide the most culturally immersive experiences.

Applying for the Russian visa is easy with Strelka Tours. We offer visa support and processing service.
Strelka Tours is your partner in Russia and Eastern Europe!