Russian visa

How to get a Russian visa

How to get a Russian visa

  1. How to obtain a visa to Russia and what documents you ought to provide? Before you attend the consular office with a filled form, you would like to gather a package of documents that are necessary to urge an affirmative reply. It includes:

  2. -invitation from a citizen of Russia or from Russian organization for foreign nationals to enter the country

  3. -profile within the form approved by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  4. -current passport of a far off citizen (or other travel identification)

  5. -photo 35mm x 45mm

  6. -medical insurance valid within the term of the trip

  7. -receipt for the contribution of consular fees

Some sorts of visas require additional documents (for example, a transit visa is issued under the condition of providing travel documents through the Russian Federation).

The issuance of invitations is administered by migration services of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the request of the receiving party whether these are citizens of Russia or legal persons. The request must have the subsequent attached documents:

-Passports of the host and therefore the foreign citizen

-Constituent documents of the legal person

-Letters of intent for providing the guest with some quite residence same as medical and material conditions within the term of the visit

-Information about purposes, timing, and duration of the visit

As a result migration service issues a call for participation which will function as a legitimate ground to use for a visa.

Pay attention! Documents for Russian visa got to be checked and double-checked before sending into consular authorities. You ought to pay special attention to the declared purposes and time frames of your journey.

You can get any help with paperwork from our company’s specialists. We are capable of filling out a form or a legal request, providing assistance with a call for participation for any purposes of the journey for foreign nationals.

How much does it cost?

How much does one get to pay to get a Russian visa? The general amount consists of consular fees and services fees. The second position means you additionally buy services of the Visa Center that gives you a visa.

When applying you would like to pay a consular fee, whose size depends on the urgency of issuance and therefore the country of living of the foreigner.

-For citizens of the ECU Union’s member states: 35 euros within n civil time frame and 70 euros for fast-track issuance

-For citizens of the US, Great Britain and Canada: 140 and 250 euros respectively.

Pay attention! Within the case of denial, fees aren’t the topic of return so you would like to specialize in filing documents within the right way observing all the instructions and proposals. To clarify all details use the appliance form on our website.

The cost of the Russian visa may include expenses on the services of intermediaries. In this manner, the value is going to be a touch higher but you’ll get guaranteed documentation and no ground for refusal.

Our company provides full assistance for each step of obtaining. so as to understand what proportion will visa cost for you to consult our specialists or leave an invitation using the shape of feedback.

Registration documents

For obtaining g Russian visa you would like to understand all the responsibilities for foreigners who stay in Russia. The most requirement by migration legislation is to register practically whenever you come to Russia.

Visa regime includes the following details of registration for foreigners:

-Every foreigner staying in Russia features a duty to register. Exception – shortstops during entry by transit visa or 72-hour tourist program

-Registration is administered by migration authorities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by hotels where foreign national stays

-Changing the residence during legal staying in Russia requires new registration apart from cases of but the three-day movement

Pay attention! During the visa application process, the receiving party (Travel Company) generally takes all the responsibilities of the registration of its clients. Nevertheless, visa holders must be careful about the registration process on their own.

The violation of the registration requirement may cause extremely sad consequences. During this case, the offender is often delivered to justice and deported from Russia. Besides, the very fact of a breach can influence the power to get re-entry visas.

Procedure for obtaining

What happens after you apply to a consulate? Within what timeframe you’ll gain a Russian visa? After receiving the profile and attached documents, the authorities should check the subsequent information:

-Completeness of the documents provided

-Compliance of the foreign national’s profile with the info indicated within the invitation (purposes, timing, and duration)

-Absence of official bans on the applicant’s staying within the territory of Russia 

If the foreign national breached the visa regime during his previous residence in Russia (exceeded legal timeframe, violated the needs or didn’t register by the established procedure), he might get refusal in obtaining permission to enter. In such a case, it might be hard to urge a Russian visa even through time.

Pay attention! Refuse under other forms of circumstances (for example, mistakes while filling a profile or an invitation) can’t hinder the further appeal, yet requires better attention to creating a package of documents.

The time interval depends on the physical and technical opportunities of the consular office. the utmost duration of document checking and issuance of a visa don’t exceed 10 days since the instant of applying. In cases of paying the fast-track fee and having special occasions, you’ll get a visa in at some point.

We offer you to fill within the form on our website and use our specialists’ assistance on every stage. Our consultants will assist you to settle on suitable options for registration in order that you’ll get a visa within the shortest terms. Be liberal to use our specialists’ help so as to deny the refusal when applying for a visa.