Russian Visa Application

Russian Visa Application Process

Russian Visa Application Process

  1. Standard passport

    If you are a standard passport holder and you want to obtain a  short-term Russian visa such as a Tourist, Private, Student, Business, Humanitarian, Transit or Work visa it is more than likely that you would like to use the Russian Visa Application Centre, not the Consulate. If you hold a diplomatic or repair passport, this does not apply to you. The consulates often require appointments which can get booked up quickly making the wait time much longer. With the consulate or embassy, you can just walk in and talk to someone and have them help you and process your application.

  2. Requirements for your visa type

    The first thing to try to do is to see the requirements for your visa type. You can find all the requirements online at the visa consulate website or contact a visa company with expertise such as ourselves. 

  3. Application Form

    When all the required documents are compiled, you will then fill out the visa form. Please remember that the application can only be completed online, handwritten forms are not accepted. We strongly recommend you to repeat and save your login and password details while you are filling out the application just in case you need to make any changes to your application later. 

  4. Purpose of Travel

    The purpose section, travel dates and alluring organization details on the application form must be completed in accordance with the small print on your invitation or tourist voucher. For instance, you’ll be traveling to Russia for five days but your invite is often issued for, say 30 days, so you want to enter your dates of entry and exit as they seem in your invite. If you are applying for a three-year multiple entry visa the entry date on your application has to match your invitation but your departure date is 3 years minus one day from that. So if you were to apply for your visa to enter Russia on May fifteenth the dates would be 15/05/2020 – 14/05/2023. If your passport expires before the three year period the departure date is 6 months previous to this. So if your passport expires December twelfth 2022, your dates would be 15/05/2020 – 12/06/2022.

  5. Countries you’ve visited

    When it involves the question regarding the countries you’ve visited within the last ten years, you need to only mention those countries which stamped your passport on arrival and departure. You must provide as much information as possible. On the application, you can put up to thirty countries that you have visited previously if you have visited more than thirty you do not need to worry but fill out as many as possible. The consulate and visa consulate can be picky and may ask for a correction if it is not complete.

  6. Previous Employment and Education

    In the previous employment and education sections, you need to enter the precise address; a town (city) and therefore the country will suffice. If you do not remember the phone numbers of these organizations, you’ll put “00000000000”. If you have no educational institutions or previous work, the consulate may have questions so it is a possibility that you will need to provide a further letter confirming that. The letter must be addressed to the Russian Embassy and/or consulate and may be written in a free format.

  7. Apply face to face at the Visa Centre

    After completing the application you need to print it out, but the date and sign it. You’ll usually apply either face to face, by post or through the workplace. If you are going to Russia to visit, you want to apply face to face at the Visa Centre either in London or Edinburgh.

  8. Track your application

    When your application is accepted, you’ll tend a receipt which must be kept so as to gather your passport when the visa is prepared. You’ll track your application online using the Receipt Number and your date of birth. The knowledge on the tracking is often found on the above-mentioned internet site or obtained at the counter within the Visa Centre.

Once you receive your passport, check the visa straight away: the dates and spelling of your name. If something is wrong, the Visa Centre will take your passport back and correct their mistake.

If you’re unsure of the way to affect your Russian visa application and wish help, our friendly Russian visa consultants Get a Russian Visa will always be happy to help you and you’ll see that applying for a visa doesn’t need to be an uneventful and time-consuming chore!