Russian Visa

Russian Visa: All you would like to understand

If foreign nationals obtain a Russian visa, it gives him the right to cross borders of Russia for purposes of stay, which he has indicated in his visa application. Visa registration is an indoor structured process and even the slightest violation can cause a refusal by consular authorities.

What does one need a visa for?

Russian visa provides a right of entry to the country and staying within Russia within the amount allowed. At an equivalent time, the key characteristics of the given document are its time-frame and purpose(s) of the journey. Violation of the allowed length of stay or declared purposes entails prosecution and deportation.

Pay attention! The needs of your declaration can’t be changed after the visa registration. That’s why you would like to spot them as clearly as you will during the preparation of documents.

What visa does one get to enter Russia? That depends on the needs of the upcoming visit. The goal of your visit can be:

-Various sorts of tourism

-Business trips

-Participation in educational programs (long-term/short-term)

-Working in Russia

-Official/diplomatic visits

-Participation in cultural, sports and other forms of events happening in Russia

Pay attention! You would like to point out the needs of your journey while applying for a visa within the consulate as far because it determines what a quite Russian visa you’ll get.

Russian Tourist visa

Foreign nationals can obtain a Russian tourist visa on the subsequent directions:

-Traveling under a contract with tourist services – visa is issued for a period up to at least one month

-Traveling by personal car – visa is issued for a period up to 30 days

-Traveling so as to make decision commercial issues or undergo a checkup – visa is issued for a period up to at least one month

-72-hours’ tourist program – visa is issued for 3 days

-Tourism-hunting – visa is issued for 30 days

-Tour-group – visa is issued for a month.

Russian Study visa

Russian visas for educational purposes are often issued for a period of up to 90 days or for the entire period of studying. However, the term can’t exceed one year but the visa is often prolonged. You’ll apply for a visa in cases of any educational direction (postgraduate, internship, teaching, etc.).

Pay attention! A study visa doesn’t offer you the proper to figure after the tutorial process has been completed. So as to try to do it, you would like to get a Russian visa indicating hiring as a purpose of entry.

The duration of the visa that provides you permission to figure within the territory of Russia is decided by conditions of the upcoming job. Foreign citizens who shall add Russia are going to be given an easy work visa for a period of up to 90 days. Later you’ll apply for a multiple-entry visa issued for up to at least one year.

For certain categories, there’s a special procedure for issuing:

-Employees of foreign legal persons’ offices can get a visa for up to 90 days with a choice to apply for multiple documents

-Teachers get a visa for up to 90 days apart from cases when their contract exceeds this term in order that they can apply for multiple documents

-Reporters and other specialists working in mass media are given a visa for up to 90 days

Pay attention! Visa for media workers requires getting accreditation within the Press and knowledge Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Business trips are often regular counting on the character of a specific business. Among the needs of the business visa, the subsequent are highlighted:

-A commercial trip so as to sign a contract(s)

-Trips of car drivers, members of the team, technical department


-Medical treatment in Russian clinics

-Formalizing an adoption

-Other sorts of business trips

Pay attention! To implement these goals you’ll obtain either a single-entry visa or multiple documents. Yet you can’t stay in Russia for quite 90 days for half a year.

Transit visa to Russia

Transit Russian visa for foreigners allows an individual to enter Russia legally, move freely to a particular destination and even make shortstops. The key point of getting this document is to possess a right to enter the territory of the state where you go.

Pay attention! A transit visa requires having a travel document with a sign at the top of a visit, which should be located beyond Russia.

A transit visa allows you not only to maneuver freely but also to try to shortstop for a period not exceeding three days. In such a case, you don’t get to register in local authorities of the Ministry of the inside or during a hotel.