10 Myths about Russia You Must Know Before Going There

10 Myths about Russia

Several myths have surrounded Russia, from trivial absurd details to unwarranted stereotypes.People’s judgment may be clouded by groundless hearsay, or it may spur more interest totravel all the more to Russia to see how true the myths are.Let’s go into detail the 10 Myths that every tourist must know before going to Russia. Russians are […]

What date do I put for the date of arrival/entry?

order to get a Russian visa

In order to get a Russian visa, you’ll need some basic information to get started. The first thing we tell our customers is that they need a valid passport and to decide on the date of their travel to Russia. That’s easier said than done. We recommend getting a visa before booking flights to Russia […]

5 Things to Remember When Traveling to Russia

When Traveling to Russia

Tourists around the globe have their varied conception about traveling the Russian Federation. For artistic beholder, cruising the canals and rivers of Russia is striking artistry. Citizens from the tropics consider frolicking the snowy and frozen lakes as an adventure, plus it’s a delight to experience a shorter day and a longer night. However, a […]

Do I have to mail my physical passport to your office?

mail my physical passport to your office

In order to receive a Russian visa, yes, we must submit the physical passport to the Russian consulate. Some countries offer electronic visas for US passport holders but Russia, like China, have not come that far yet, at least for US citizens. “Is mailing my passport safe?” you ask.  The thing that most people don’t […]

I have a 3 year visa to Russia. How long can I stay in Russia?

3 Years visa to Russia

Congratulations! You are a US passport holder. Luckily for you, Russia and the USA have a simplified visa agreement which grants US citizens 3-year, multiple-entry visas to Russia. This includes the tourist visa, private visa, business visa and humanitarian visa. Currently, there are no other countries that have a similar agreement. Other passport holders are […]